Thursday, July 12, 2012

New dating strategy

I went to dinner at a friend's house recently.  We were seven ladies, all in varying degrees of singleness.  Invariably the conversation moved to dating and men. Several of us participate in online dating. We shared horror stories and interesting events.  We agreed that often one can tell if a man will be worth your time and energy in about five minutes.  When you make a date, it's difficult to make a five minute date.  Even a coffee date is a half an hour, more if you drink the bucket-sized venti.  My new plan is to institute the coffee ordering date.  Instead of ordering coffee, sitting, drinking it, talking, the man will get five minutes, give or take, to order coffee. 

Obvious signs he won't make it past this truncated round one?
He spends more time talking to the barista than to me. 
He orders a drink with more than three instructions. That means a "grande half caf, soy, two pumps caramel, three sweetners, iced frappuccino with whip and he's out.
He smells stronger (good or bad) than the coffee.
He's late.
He's poorly dressed.
He asks me to pay for his coffee.
He pulls out a secret flask to add to his coffee, and it's before 9pm.
He's uninteresting/boring/ugly/other obvious observation here.

Am I wrong to think that if you can't make a good impression in five minutes, what good will another twenty-five minutes do?

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