Monday, October 01, 2012

Work is Hard

well, long anyway.

I have joined the productive members of the back breaking workers of America as one gainfully employed tutor.

I'm back at the hospital I had a training gig at but now I'm a tutor.  That means instead of training people how to use it, I get to try and pick up the pieces from their lousy trainer.  When the computer system is turned on, there need to be lots of tutors, like me, around to answer questions and report problems to IT. If IT and the trainers did their job, then I don't have to work myself to a frazzle. If they didn't, then. . .well, just don't plan to get ER style sick any time soon.

The good news about this job: It will probablys (hopefully) lead to bigger and better things in a month.  I don't want to jinx it so I'll say no more, but fingers crossed.
I get to see the project through.  I was there as a trainer the first two go-lives.  This is the last one and I get to experience it.
I'm in a different department, learning a different part of the system. 
I get to see all the folks I knew before!
Right now I'm on a month trial where I can see how they run things and if I really want to move up.  Because it's a trial I'm on an hourly rate which comes in with good and bad news.  I'm working six days a week, twelve hour days.  That's 72 hours a week or roughly  312 hours (with two training days) this month.  Great money, but hell on my social life.

Consider that your FYI folks.  With so many hours at work, there are less hours to be spent on the interwebs. The blog posts may be few and far between until November.

Today was day one and I was at the hospital for fourteen hours.  On that note, I bid you good night.