Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Canceled Week - Date Fail #8.2, 8.5 and 8.8

I've learned over the years not to get too attached to plans I make because they are often more fluid than I realized. Everything is subject to change and being back in a first world country doesn't make plans more solid than when I was in Indonesia. This week has been a reminder of that.

I may have jinxed myself by posting a facebook status about my plans this week.  I updated my status to say "Four dates in five days, what could go wrong?"   O, how I know the answer to that question.  Tempting fate really.

For an explanation of Mondays events, see the "Date Fail #6 - Man up!" blog.  He didn't so much cancel as totally flake out.  Tuesday my plans were with my sister and her partner.  They didn't cancel but I nearly didn't make it.  Obama came to town and that shut the freeway into town.  A ride that usually takes forty-five minutes took and hour and a half.  I arrived just before the play started.

Wednesday was to be date two.  He had the sense to text at least.  It was the classic " Long day, tired, blah, blah, raincheck blah". Sure, I'll give you one more chance but I am not going to cancel my other dates while I wait for you.  I just might meet Mr. Fantastic before I meet you. Case in point, another guy I'd been texting messaged that night to ask what I was up to.  When I mention that my plans had fallen through we found a lucky coincidence that his had too.  Sub in another first date!  This isn't one I'll talk much about other than to say it went well and I think a follow up date is in the works. 

Thursday was a girls date night.  The girls made it despite the car fire that delayed them.  The girls are proving to be more steady.

Friday was going to be first date number three.  He had thumb surgery the day before and I I suspected, was still more under the weather than he thought on Friday.  Raincheck, sure.  NEXT!!!

Saturday, first date number four,  is going to be another short entry because the date went great.  I was starting to wonder if I would ever have a great date but I did.  Again, I hope date two is in the works so I'm keeping a bit mum.

Today wraps up the week.  I have first day number five on the schedule but it's still  two and a half hours until we meet so anything can happen.

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