Thursday, July 12, 2012

Date Fail #4 - Babe

My friends had the best of intentions.  I'd never been set up before, they know some single guys so they set up a date. 

Babe works second shift so he's not off work until 1 am usually.  I had a random Wednesday off from work so we arranged lunch.

The Mongolian grill was alright, nothing special but convenient location.
Babe was also alright, but nothing special.  Mostly he was 22.  A 22 that has never seen another country, that spent four years in the military, that seemed intimidated.

Anyone who knows me, knows that, at times, I can be intimidating. I'll cop to that. I could not be involved with someone who is intimidated by me from the word go.

Last nail in the coffin was no call/text for three days. When he did send one it was "hope the week went well". Men, take note. If you want a reply, ask a question or make a witty remark. The above example is a perfect example of a message i might recieve and think ". . .and?"

He was nice, but justly, has fallen by the way side.

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