Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Warrior Dash!

A short break from dating woes and dilemmas.

I ran in my first Warrior Dash Sunday.  It was five kilometers with approximately ten obstacles, then last was a mud pit that was deep enough it was easier to swim through than wade through.  I signed up and ran it alone but met some cool ladies along the way.  My final time was roughly 46 minutes.  I was proud that I didn't stop and walk at all.  My only war wound is a (barbed wire?) cut on my hand.

The Warrior chant: MUD, SWEAT, BEER!!!!

Obstacle two





Ten. Almost everyone got in carefully and tried to walk.  Most of us quickly abandoned that and swam.  There was less slipping and it was faster that way.

Michelle and I ran more than half the course together.  This is just after we crossed the finish line.

How to remove some of the mud you ask?  Why, this lovely firehose should do the trick!
My only complaint was that the only beer available when I cashed in my free beer token was Miller Lite.  I actually pitched it after just a few sips.  It was totally tasteless and not even that cold.

The event was well run and had plenty of staff.  The cities of North Bend and Snoqualmie and their residents we kind enough to host.  Traffic and parking wasn't the nightmare I expected.  I'm not even cripplingly sore.  Now I've got to find another one to sign up for!

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