Monday, July 23, 2012

Date Fail #6 - Man Up!

I usually wait a couple weeks between when the date fail happens and when I blog about it just in case.  In case he stumbles on the blog and recognizes himself.  In case we do end up hitting it off, we won't have a Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy style fail. Mostly, just in case.

Today ticked me off enough that I'm blogging about it today.

B.E. messaged me through an online dating site.  He's younger, not really my physical type but I try to give guys the benefit of the doubt online.  Sometimes charisma doesn't transmit over the internet well. We talked a bit on there and he asked what it would take to talk to me.  I hinted he might need to ask for something and then he got the clue to ask for my number.  Maybe that was MY first hint.

We've been texting for over a week.  He finally asked to see me last week.  I tend to book my schedule a week in advance so I told him that today, Monday, was my first free day.  He balked at it until I told him politely but concisely that if he wanted the option he should act soon.  He confirmed that same day.  He's been texting daily since.  Mostly the "how was your day" kind of chatter.  I have randomly received two pictures of him, head shots, looking nearly identical with kind of a plastic quality.  The only other photos were of racehorses. (puzzled face)

Today was to be our date. He'd messaged Saturday, he messaged yesterday.  Today?  Nothing.  I get a message at 730pm that just said "Batman was intense".  I finally messaged back a couple hours later and he gave me a line about not hearing from me to make plans.  HE asked ME out, therefore he should make the plans.  If I asked him, I'd make plans.  I wished him well and won't message him again.  His response? You weren't a match, don't take it personally.  Oh honey.  If you only knew that I don't give much a shit about you. We've never even met.

I am going to occasionally slip in TIPS TO MEN FOR DATING, as I did in a recent post.  My very obvious tip? If you are interested and she's emailing/texting you back, don't wait to long to make a date. Find your cojones and ask, then make a plan.

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