Thursday, July 26, 2012

Date Fail #8 - Non-online dating Fail

Any one who knows me, knows I'm active and BUSY. I like it that way.  Part of my plan for moving back to the States was to be busy and to participate in activities where I might meet new people.  Enter  It's a website where organizers pay a menial fee to use the site and get people together based on their interests.  I am part of several Meetup groups; two for hiking, a scuba group, a couple of social/happy hour groups and two volunteering groups.  They are a good way to get out and meet people, and occasionally to meet a date.

I met "Ins" at a Meetup meet up.  It was a billiards night at a cool place in the city.  We hit it off and talked for a couple hours.  We exchanged numbers. We kissed good night. The texting and calling commenced.  Now Ins actually predates a couple of the other date fails I've blogged about but I waited until now because he's a combo date fail. 

He didn't man up and ask me out for one.  The first time we saw each other after the meet up was another meet up that we'd both planned to go to independently before we met.  That was a fun time except that he started the party several hours before I did so he was a little less sober than me.  I waited a but and then arranged a third date. He seemed happy to see me and enjoyed the date.  Then I decided I'd wait. It was his turn to make a date.  He never did. 

That was about the time that he pulled a disappearing act.  The fifth date that never was. 

Interesting that often meeting someone in person isn't a better indicator than meeting someone online.

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