Thursday, August 09, 2012

The All or Nothing Hex

When it rains it pours.

It was raining men (hallelujah). Now it's a drought.

I've come to believe that life is all about ebbs and flows. Dating is one big example of this.  In the months since I returned to Seattle my dating life has been all or nothing.  First there was nothing, then I had a rush of a few dates, then nothing.  Lately has been busier than an elf in November.  I was getting emails from guys on the dating site, several had switched over to texting, I was out on several dates a week for a couple weeks.  Since I was also still busy with friends and other commitments, every day of my agenda was booked. 

Now the downhill side of the mountain. I've finally taken a couple nights off. . .from life.  I came home from work last night and was just at home.  I needed to recoup.  That was my choice.  The bit that's not my choice is my dating life also tapering off.

A couple of the guys that I was texting have dropped off (remember online dating is a filtering process), but none that I was too upset to lose.  A couple I've been texting haven't taken the initiative to ask for a date.  One or two that I've seen once haven't asked for a second date but continue to text.  One guy I've seen three times now but I can't tell what's happening with him. In three dates he hasn't even tried to kiss me, but we did hold hands, sooooo . . . ????

I know the ebb is inevitable after the flow, but it's still always a bummer. The "bum" will wear off in a couple days and I'll be back to a neutral realm of not dating but not caring too much about it. 

I have no upcoming dates scheduled, but a wedding to be in.  I'd rather reverse that  I think.

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