Thursday, August 30, 2012


We all knew it was only a matter of time. My personality, my specific levels of mania, coupled with unemployment have quickly lead down the slick, smooth, high speed slide to addiction.
It started with just an hour or two. I told myself the lies that everyone does.  It won't be often.  It can't have that strong a pull. I can resist. I won't be like everyone else. LIES!!  They are just easy lies. 

I fell asleep planning my next fix.  I spent hours at it yesterday. A few already today. 

Drugs? Alcohol? OCD cleaning?  Place your bets. . .

I caved. I cut my cable TV months ago.  Aside from a month with rabbit ears (yes, they still make add on antennae for TV), I've been TV free.  I didn't miss it.  I was too busy.  Then my contract ended.  I have a lot of hours to fill in each day and trips out of the hour usually mean I'm spending money.  Money that doesn't currently have a replacement date.

I am still interacting with people, real life people.  I am back to going to the gym. I have also watched all of the first season of Whitney (Amazing.  Seriously.  If you are sarcastic and jaded, find it.) which was twenty two half hour episodes. I've also watched a half dozen episodes of The Simpsons (how did I go so long?), and Fairly Legal.

I know I have a problem.  I may need an intervention.  I . . . can't  . . . .I can't walk away from the freakin computer!  And I'm still on the free version of Hulu.  God forbid if I decide to pay the staggering rate of eight dollars a month or whatever it is for the unlimited, commerical limited version. 

Can someone confiscate my credit card?  (Though Groupon may then go bankrupt)

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