Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I blogged before about the disappearing act.  Now for act two . . . the eerie reappearance.

"You're Gay right?" We had one not great first date (hey, that rhymes!) months ago.  Last week I get a text message that says , and I quote, "Hey! What r you up to? Can we hang out tonight? Call/txt me:)" Ummm, say whhaaaaaa???!?!  It's been months, MONTHS. Is it a genetic mutation that makes guys think they can be out of touch for a while and then pop up again and women will fall all over themselves to go out?

"Coincidence" keeps popping back up.  I don't hear from him for a week and a half and then it's Thursday night and he wants to get together on Friday.  Methinks someone doesn't want to be alone on Friday night.

There was "Babe" who was at the friend's wedding I was in.  I should probably be ashamed to admit this, but since I didn't sleep with him, I'm not.  It took about three minutes of conversation before I placed him, and then another couple hours before I remembered his name.  Now, granted, it was just before the ceremony. I was in the wedding and worried about making sure things were going right. He was in a suit, so very different from the jeans and t shirt on our date.  Saved by the ceremony, I only had to slog through five minutes of small talk.

Does this strike anyone else as creepy?  One of the features of these dating sites is that you can see who looked at your profile.  There are a couple guys that regularly check my online dating profiles. One of them emails me about twice a month with a riveting "hello" and rarely has more than one or two words to say, which is why I gave up on him. "Man Up!" does it too.  He blew me off and now checks my profile weekly.  WTF?  Is there a train of logic here that I'm not seeing?

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