Thursday, August 16, 2012

Date Fail #11 - The Combo

He was one part yesterday's 1812 : After three dates we hadn't had a kiss though he sort of held hands.

He was one part "Man up": He was happy to go out as long as I set the date, time, place and of course, asked him.

He was one part "disappearing act": Three dates is his limit, apparently . He's now into the wind with most of the others.

This is one that actually did surprise me.  Our first date was lunch, a baseball game, then ice cream in the park. Second date was dinner and a movie. On the third date we were both on the verge of collapse because we'd each been busy but I still enjoyed his company. After that one we'd made tentative plans to get together the following Friday but there were never plans made/set. There's been no contact since!

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