Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Not mine thankfully.

While I was out of the country, most of my friends and high school classmates got married and had kids.  I, as you know, didn't.  The best part about that first sentence? I was out of the country so I missed the bridal showers, weddings, baby showers, etc. Because God (if there is one, post on that coming. . . probably never) has a sense of humor, I've had two weddings, a bridal shower, a bachelorette party and a baby shower to attend in the last five months.

Hahahahah           haha                   ha.

Amber is probably the only person I knew in junior high and high school that I'm still friends with.  We reconnected between Spain and Indonesia and have been hanging out ever since.  When I came back into town I was invited to be in her wedding.  If I'd have known what I was in for, I may have given her a resounding NO.

The dress debacle started a couple months ago.  Amber found cute dresses that were reasonably priced online.  The three of us (her maid of honor sister, myself and another bridesmaid) all bought them.  The problem came when the dressed showed up.  The were made in China, very clearly by someone making less than minimum wage and it showed.  The dresses looked very different and all required between 140 and 250 dollars worth of tailoring. In the end they looked pretty good but being long and fully lined, we roasted in them the day of the festivities.

The bridal shower was weeks ago.  It was at a cute little wine and cheese bar.  The food was for the most part, very good.  The hang up there was that I didn't know most of the ladies there.  Not inherently a hang up except that they are all married, some with kids and inevitably the conversations turn to husbands/children/ blah/blah and I glaze over. I brought a gift and left with chocolate. Not too shabby.

The bachelorette party was two weekends ago.  I won't go into all the gory detail but suffice to say, it set the standard pretty high for any bachelorette parties to come.  The six of us were a great group and had a fantastic time.  I like that there were fewer of us which meant less time rounding everyone up and losing people. Smash wine bar was a good, if accidental, choice.  Nectar was fun either because of or in spite of the 80's cover band.  I'm still not sure which. Getting hit on never hurts the ego and I didn't even care that I never heard from the guys after. My only complaint really was paying the piper the next day for my total lack of sleep.  NOTE TO SELF: do not plan anything the day after a bachelorette party!

The wedding was this past Sunday.  Amber is a bit like myself in that she sees a situation that needs organizing and goes to it.  I was emailed a timeline prior to the wedding that covered "day of" events.  It spanned roughly fourteen hours.  Meet up, hair, make up, change venue, get dressed, change venue, photos, change venue, wedding, reception, done. I did have a good time but man, was I beat by the end of it.  I can't even imagine how the happy couple was feeling. The ceremony was brilliantly short, the food a good choice of snackables that didn't require awkwardly sitting at the singles table, the cake was fantastic and looked good to boot. Daniel and Lacey kept me occupied and endured my witty/snarky remarks all night. The groomsmen were all well supplied with their own flasks that helped all of us endure photos while we sweltered. All around, a long day but a good one.

I hope the Zieglers are enjoying Mexico and I wish them all the happiness one could ask for.

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