Friday, August 10, 2012

Date Fail #10 - When is it not just Coincidence?

I moved from a city of 22 million (Jakarta) to one of 4 million (for the greater Seattle area). I didn't think that would mean I see the same folks regularly.

There are the average occurrance when you find out after the fact that you were at an event and someone else was also at the event. Or in the same city, or part of the city.

Recently I had a date cancel (I hear you thinking "which one?" I realize it's happened umm, less than a lot but more than average lately). I was also able to pick up a date on the fly that night.  His plans fell through, my plans fell through so let's have a drink. Off to a bar midway between his place and mine. The date went well enough that I thought a second date was in order for further inspection. He seemed to agree and we were texting the next night talking about plans.  The hang up was that he was supposed to be out of town for ten days for a wedding and work.  Ok, plans after are fine.

The first date was Wednesday.  He was meant to be away Friday night for ten days.  Let see if you count as well as me.

On Tuesday I had a girlfriend date at a restaurant in Seattle. I arrived first, as I nearly always do, and went to the bar for a drink.  While I watching for Diane to come in, I see a guy who looks like my date from Wednesday.  Surely it can't be him because he's out of town. He's about ten feet away and I try to get a good look without staring.  After maybe fifteen minutes he comes over with a "heeeeeeyyyyyy, I thought that was you".  Not impressed.  He gives me a schpeal; about work cancelling his trip. Everyone gets the benefit of the doubt once.  Sure, work canceled your trip.  The "I was going to text you to tell you" is laying it on a little thick but whatever.

The problem was when he was much more interested in talking to Diane, my 35 yo blonde, thin friend than to me.  The guy she's seeing was on his way to meet us, but that was unbeknownst to my "date". He introduced us to his co-worker who was a nice guy then situated himself across from Diane and continued to talk to her. At one point he asked be a question, then walked away to get a drink after I said about five words throwing a "hang on, I'll be right back" over his shoulder.

He and his mate went and played table top shuffleboard while Diane and I ate. Eventually he wandered back. He then had the cojones to say he was going to get something to eat, did I want to get a drink after.  I gave him a non-committal answer and enjoyed the rest of my night there talking to Diane, her date and his friend.  I got a text from my "date" as I was leaving the bar asking if I wanted to get a drink.  By then it was after ten and I had early work the next day.  I left him hanging until I got home and then a "oh, I already left" text.

Needless to say, we haven't spoken since. How does that happen in a city of four million, that I run into a guy I had a first date with a week later in a totally different part of the city, randomly at a bar I've never been to before?

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