Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Interviews as Sexless Dates

Interviewing is like dating companies or recruiters.

You meet them online.  The first thing a smart girl does is google them and really give their profile on linkedin or careerbuilder a good once (or twice) over. I carefully consider the possibility it will be a good match.  Then, if we both see fit, we schedule an interview/date.

I dress up, spending time to look my best. I arrive a little early with butterflies in my stomach as  I face the semi-known. The interview/date starts with handshakes, small talk, and eases into more meaningful conversation. The next period of time flies by in a rush of nerves, questions, eye contact, nervous laughter.

Well. . .it's getting late. . .I should go . . .

We exchange niceties, shake hands, and part ways.  The drive home provides time for my racing mind to unravel what just happened.  Did they say that? What did that mean?  How does that mesh with my expectations and wants?  I call a friend to go over all the gory details and make a plan to go forward.  Pros and cons are laid out. Options suggested and considered. 

If it went well, I walk away with adrenaline rushing, a smile on my face and hope in my heart. Then it's just like dating.  I wait to get an email or phone call.  It never comes soon enough.  I both want the call to come and dread it.  If they aren't interested, it's a call that may never come because no one ever man's up and just says "that was a good interview/date but it's not quite what I am looking for.  Good luck in your search". No one can be bothered to let someone know, gently and nicely.  It's easier to vanish.

If it didn't, go so well then they end up on here as a tale to tell.

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