Tuesday, September 25, 2012

General Date Fail Times Three

I've written about specific dating scenarios that went poorly.  There have been cringe worthy interactions, some that might have left you (and definitely left me) scratching my head. This is not that.  This is a scenario that's happened more than once, more than twice.  It's one I know you've all had. Here's how it would go:

I met Jon online.  His profile didn't make me jump up and run around but I like to give guys the benefit of the doubt. I've met some guys that are much more interesting and magnetic in person than they appear online. We emailed through the site then started texting.  We met in person.

He's nice, he's funny, he's gainfully employed, he's mildly funny, but. . . there's no spark.  On paper, he's a good maybe even a great guy.  He would probably be a great date and potentially a great boyfriend.  The catch is that there aren't any butterflies in my stomach.  I don't want to end the date with a make-out session. I could see that he would be a good friend, an activity partner, a whatever. 

What is it about the unknown, barely describable "thing" that someone must have?  It's an unmesurable, invisible quantity yet it's so important that I've had three first dates with good guys that I didn't see again because we didn't click.

Do you, fair reader, reckon that you can manufacture the "it" factor? That that "thing" can develop over time?

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