Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Jaunt to PDX

After Bumbershoot ended on Monday, I had a couple days to recover and then on Thursday I headed south to Portland for an interview. In someways, Portland is similar to Seattle.  Many people say it's like the little brother - Still trying to decide what it wants to be, spending a lot of time drinking and lounging around.  It definitely doesn't have a big commercial centers like Seattle does in downtown and on the eastside with Microsoft, Nintendo and the like.
The interview went well but it's still in process to see if I'm going to make the move and take a job there. There is lots of potential, both in the position and with the company which is young and growing. It would be a bump in responsibility and title (hopefully with a commensurate bump in pay) but it would mean moving to Portland and after just two days there, I'm not sure that's a pill I can swallow.  More study is needed.

Revelations from the road:

The speeds for traffic leaving Portland were faster than the speeds when I was headed in to Portland.  You may see why over the next couple posts.

On my way back to Seattle, I saw two houses, a jet plane minus the wings, three hydroplanes, cars with bikes, surfboards and kayaks on top, and two cars changing flat tires. Impressive for just 170 miles.

As much as gas is at home ($3.85 when I filled up to go) it was much more on the road.  I paid $4.15 half way home from Portland. Ugh.

I think Washington was made for nerds and geeks before we even knew there'd be so many gamers here.  There are towns like Ryderwood and Vader.

Between that trip and then one out to Ravensdale I put 400 miles on the car in four days.  And we both survived. 

Expect tomorrow's blog to be my review of shows I saw at MusicfestNW.  I am intentionally putting off my hipster blog because it's going to be long and painful. 

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