Monday, September 10, 2012

The Music of Bumbershoot - Monday

Sorry for the delay.  Here's  MONDAY

Monday was far and away the busiest day.  If I'd known then what I knew by the end of the day, I might have given it a pass.  Danielle returned to Portland Monday, so I had a new partner in crime, Michael. By the end of it, I felt bad he'd bought a pass and come because compared to Saturday and Sunday, it was disappointing.

There weren't any huge draws for Monday. It would have been nice to see Hey Marseilles or Passion Pit but they were at the end of the day (8 and 915 starts). Michael had to work Tuesday so we couldn't stay too late.  Honestly, but 730 I was well ready to go. 

I wanted to see the 4:30 show for The Wombats.  We went to get in line just after four and found that it was double the length of of line for the same venue for Civil Twilight.  Based on out estimation of a 45 minute wait in line, we gave it a miss. 

We tripped through Flatstock were I found a couple of great posters for Blitzen Trapper, SilverSun Pickups and The Polyphonic Spree.  There was so much great art there it as hard to stop at just three. 

We accidentally caught part of Omar Souleyman's show.  It was a little strange.  Heavy techno/electronic house music in the back ground.  My guess is that he's from Saudi Arabia and was in traditional dress, including the head covering.  There were a lot of folks who were bopping their heads along.  It left Michael and I sort of scratching our heads and moving along.

The Starbucks stage offered a place to sit and eat in the beer garden.  LP was good.  She was kind of singer-songwriter/folk which I like. She wasn't quite enough of a standout for me to look her up once I got home.

We caught Ana Tijoux on the Fisher Green stage.  The entire lawn was full.  We tried to get in to the beer garden there but again, found the line prohibitive. It was easily fuller than any time of the previous two days. She wasn't at all what I was expecting.  I knew a couple of songs from KEXP that were kind of pop/world.  She came out with a DJ and rapped.  Very M.I.A style both musically and in fashion.

We kicked around a little longer without a focus and finally gave in and went home.  The lines for Skrillex started at 5 (or maybe earlier) but by 6 wound through a huge section of the Seattle Center grounds. His show was set to start at 930.  Maybe I'm too old, but I don't get his sound.  I was happy to not be a fan and stuck in that colossal line.  The reviews after the fact were all raving about him, but it would have been pure suffering for me.

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