Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The Music of Bumbershoot - Sunday


Ty Curtis Band: We didn't see this show but were milling about when it was on. They sounded good enough for me to check out on iTunes.

Niki & The Dove (Sweden): caught about five minutes of this and moved on.  Definitely not my style.

Eldrigde Gravy & The Supreme Court (local): Following in our newly established tradition of brass, bass and big bands, Eldrigde didn't disappoint.  There were at least eight members in the band. It was a funkin, rocking, soulful good time. They are almost as fun to watch as to hear. They are playing next month again in Seattle and I'll try to go catch them. One of my favorite acts of the weekend.

Civil Twilight (South Africa): We went to these guys on a suggestion that proved well placed.  My only complaint was that they were in one of two indoor venues.  The music was compelling and well tuned (see AWOLnation). They have more of a classic "rock" sound - think Pearl Jam, or Soundgarden but less angry. They have been added to my play lists.

Deep Sea Diver: I didn't catch the whole show but it was an enjoyable twenty minutes, even though all I could see was the back of this kid on his dad's shoulders and next to them a tall guy in a big hat (don't get me started on that rant). A big folksy, a bit pop, it was a nice combo.

Blitzen Trapper (PDX): This was the one show that I really, really, really wanted to see.  I am a big fan of this unclassifiable group.  Their music ranges from bluegrass and country to rock, folk and indie.  They definitely looked the PacNW part with unkempt hair and wiley beards but the music was as beautiful as they weren't.  I was two people back and sang along with those around me.  While there were a couple of songs I had hoped to hear and didn't, I was not at all disappointed in their show.  Lucky for me, they were the last act of the day on the SubPop stage and came out for a two song encore.

It would have been nice to see Keane but by the end of a second marathon day, Danielle and I were both happy to miss the massive crowds and head home at ten.

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