Saturday, January 05, 2013

Date Wait

This is, in most ways, coupled with the post called "Procrastin-hater".  If you haven't read it, click here

How long do you wait?

Classic example:
Farm Boy and I had a great first date.  Great enough that I could even overlook the beard enough for a second date.  We went out for dinner and drinks.  We laughed, we talked, there were no awkward silences, no red flags.Three days later we had a second date. It was the holidays, we were both free and seemingly enjoying each others company. We even saw each other the day after that.

And then . . .

Well, not nothing. He texts every day or two. He has to work and be up early for work.  Then he was sick.  He said he'd like to see me again, soon. That was in a text four days ago.  Since then there hasn't been a plan, a suggestion, an asking for a date.

I finally asked.  Not a "Friday at 7pm at The Restaurant" but more like "dinner and/or a movie soon?"

The reply?  Maybe I'm still tired.

How long is a girl to sit around and wait?  While I don't think that references to princesses, thinking the likes of rapunzel or sleeping beauty, are appropriate, I hate waiting around to be asked.

Now, before you women's lib folks get your panties all in a bunch, if you're wearing any, let me say I have asked in the past. And that folks, does not work.  At least not in the realm of online dating.  maybe 2% of the time that I message first or ask them out online, there's a reply.  Most of those replies are of the "thanks but no thanks" variety.  Men who say they love it when women ask them out might be truthful, but I'm skeptical. Or the women asking men out thing pans out much better in movies or reality than online.

A girl is then left to wait

and wait

and wait

to be contacted. And then you're left with the options of whoever emails you! I claim to be neither God's gift to men, nor a deformed troll from under a bridge, but at least half of the guys who message me are a no right off.  Some aren't physically attractive to me, some are obviously not going to be a match simply based on their interests or poor grasp of the English language. It's making me wonder why I continue with online dating. Then I realize it accounts for roughly 80% of my dates in the last year.

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