Monday, January 21, 2013

Hi!! Ohhhhh, Montana!!

I'm on the road for work.  This trip has taken me to Missoula, Montana. I'll be here for twelve days. I expect to work at least nine of those days. Here's the break down so far:

Pros -
* Sunny, not super dense low lying fog like at home recently.
* Local Microbreweries - I tried DraughtWorks on Sunday.  They had a great bock beer (De-Bock-ery) and a good ale (Half Nuts Rye English Brown Ale).  I'm hoping to try both KettleHouse and Taproot this week.  I also bought Bitterroot ales at the grocery.
* A payday! Paying the bills isn't overrated!
* A change of scenery doesn't hurt.  I've been walking to and from work, the snow is pretty.  It's good mental stimulation to be working

Cons -
* It's a small town in Montana.  Even though I'm working most days and I'm only here twelve days, how much is there to do?
* It's cold.  Really cold.  Forecasted high of 31 today but I was outside only in the dark at 7 am and 630pm. Snow is predicted on Wednesday.
* It killed a few plans I had at home.  This project backs straight up into one in February with only a weekend home in between.
* Usually for a long stay, I'd be put up in a hotel with a mini kitchen in it.  This time, just a regular hotel which means lots of eating out and cold food in the room.

I've been assigned to the Internal Medicine outpatient clinic.  Ten providers, fifteen nursing staff that I'm helping.  There have been a few other support people but they are all in and out and busy with other things.  I'm the only one dedicated to that floor. They were all very nice and grateful.  No one excessively angry or frustrated. I got free lunch and put in a bunch of hours, which fills out my paycheck. I was busy and on my feet all day which is a pro and con. I'm going to try to get a blog up most days but we'll see how close I get to that.

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