Monday, July 04, 2011

Korean Translations

Chris, a teacher I work with, has recently given me a new method for hours of entertainment at work. We have an instant message system at work called CoolMessenger. It works as well as a rusty wheelbarrow with a flat.  You can limp it along for ten feet, but anything more is just irritatingly painful.  Anyway. The English speakers can only send messages to other English speakers but the Koreans can, and do, send messages to everyone, usually in Korean.   Chris has found that if you put the Korean messages into Babelfish translator by Yahoo you get back a result that ranges from hilarious to downright gibberish. Please enjoy a few examples.  I'll put my best guesses about their meaning, or what they were in regards to.  If you can sort it out, please share.

#1 - Principal teacher speech substitution conveys. Attendance checking does with photo shoot.
 Something about class photos.  I know that only because of the day it was sent.

#2 - Is a research study schedule ticket which will execute tomorrow. The study ends and to depart immediately, wishes. The room assignment will do the atlas under following common knowledge. Only the pair some preparing the cloth with cold relationship, wishes. Piece which is insufficient is many. Is inconvenient and does not hold in mind but understanding entrusting gives with wide mind.
 I have no idea.  It seems like it was about room assignments but we haven't moved or changed rooms.

#3 - Goodbye does? Is a happy-looking morning. Today [a_lay_wa_kath_i] to guide the teaching staff physical education event condition schedule which will be. Order Time Event order 1 12:00 ~ 12:20 Opening remark and warming-up exercise 2 12:20 ~ 12:40 Female dodge ball (5 minutes, 3Set) 3 12:40 ~ 13:40 Volleyball (man and woman mixture, 3Set) 4 13:40 ~ 14:00 Friendly volleyball (a Korean + circle fisherman, 1Set) 5 14:00 ~ 14:30 Table tennis (man and woman mixture, 1Set) 6 14:30 ~ 15:00 Badminton (man and man and woman mixed doubles) 7 15:00 ~ 16:30 Evaluation meeting (teacher dining room) *1. second medieval times, administrative solid curve lifestyle after finishing the lunch, until 11: 50 Fall in giving to the auditorium, wishes. To 2. game resultant victory teams early rising leaving office circle and karaoke room use circle (hundred full base both sides) come to give.
It was about the Teacher's Sports Day.  We can't figure out how we ended up as fishermen though.  A few bits of this even border on reasonable.

#4 -Goodbye is? Is a good morning. Supports JIKS, from the enterprise which expenses Provision receives Djakarta one day demonstration schedule information.
Another one beginning with goodbye as a question.  As an English teacher, I didn't know that was possible

#5 - [The class sliced raw fish new wishes] Is a sign design which will be established in the school school gate. To select the favorite most, to send a number Will send rightly and if staring will thank. Thanks.
Lastly is a message that came in a mere hour ago. My phrase of the day is "sliced raw fish new wishes!"

Life is never boring here.

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  1. Unbeknownst you to, all phrase above are Cannibal Corpse lyrics. :P