Sunday, July 10, 2011

and I'm off!

I leave today for the summer's big trip.  Here's one last post before I go. 
I am very excited to be going away for a multitiude of reasons.  Jakarta is a city that makes for a good port of call and is close enough to many other countries that you can get away.  But in a city like Jakarta you do need to get away regularly.  I can't say I expect some cities I go to (say Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh) to be much better for pollution or traffic, but they would be hard pressed to be worse. I need some variety in the weather.  We had a rain storm yesterday for the first time in a month.  Lastly, the timing couldn't be better to get away from the drama of BoT and that aftermath.

This will be a hard work holiday.  I will be on the move every day or two to a new place, walking to and from sights, buses, boats, etc. I'll be carrying a pack, though a pretty light one at about 10 kilos. It's my favorite kind of holiday but also the kind that you almost need another vacation to rest up from.  I even had half a thought that I might get a little fitter because of it.  I'll also be off the booze.  I doubt I'll drink much apart from a few beers on the trail.  The girls and I have been partying it up here so I might be in trouble when I get back but this mini detox might be a positive.

I am nervous, as usual.  I am getting much better at knowing what to expect in countries I've never been to but i t's still the unknown.  I always have a little knot in my stomach about making flights and connections, getting in to the hostels and checking in, etc.  In a day I'll be comfortable there but until then, the butterflies are bonking into each other in my stomach. I'll have a few days alone in Hanoi upon arrival. My first order of business will be to sort out my sim card and phone, then try some of the food that everyone has been raving about.

Keep your fingers crossed that things go smoothly (for the most part anyway). Aside from a slow day or two I don't expect to blog.  I don't want to be tied to a computer on the trip. I'll be posting on facebook fairly regularly though.  Now I'm logging of to go to the last minute run around!  Take care and catch you soon.

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