Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Warning: I'm going on holiday.  I like holidays to be a time to unplug.  I will email my mother and occasionally update my facebook status but in general I like the fact that it's a good excuse to drop out of the technology rat race. There may be a sporadic post or half dozen but don't expect that.

I'll be away from Jakarta for exactly a month - July 11th until August 11th. I'll be in Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia. I am proud of this snazzy map I made that outlines my trip.  The itinerary is on the left had side, in chronological order. Red lines are flights, black lines are buses, purple lines are boats and green the green line is unknown (possibly motorbike).    Map link

If any of you have been to any of the places on my map and have advice, I'd gladly accept it. There will be photos and review after.

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