Thursday, June 30, 2011

Winding down

First semester ends in four days. Or after sixteen classes. Or in 34 hours. Or in 2,040 seconds (all assuming we don't get to leave early on the last day). Or not soon enough.
As a kid it never occurred to me that the teachers might be anxious for the break as well.  The teachers are probably more ready than the kids, especially Korean kids.  Most of them will spend most of their break in extra classes - violin, English, Mandarin, swimming, even math. I wouldn't look forward to break either if that was me.  A few will go back to South Korea.  There is a small group going to China, to visit another International Korean school, like an exchange program.  The vast majority will stay here, in their humdrum routine.
The kids have turned their brains off already.  The grade six students are the worst.  They had a big semester end test required for Korea - Achievement tests. Everything since then has been a struggle.  They know it's the end of term, they won't shut up or focus for even two minutes.  I go in to class in a good mood and it's fouled in about two minutes.  Coincidence? I think not.  We are permitted to show videos (educational or otherwise) but I can't, in good conscientious rationalize five sequential classes of videos.  I've shown two to two different classes so far this week and will have a couple next week as well.
It doesn't actually look this bad but sometimes it feels that way!
I've written before about the number of holidays we get and we had another one on Wednesday.  It was nice to break the week up but it meant that Monday and Tuesday we were all awaiting the day off. Today and tomorrow (Friday) we are awaiting the weekend.  It really is a pointless time of year.  The upside?  I'll have four hours free after my classes tomorrow with no correcting and no planning to do.  I'll read up on my holiday sites and blog away!

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