Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Heard it Through the Grapevine

Another song title as a blog title.  I've mentioned before that the bule world is pretty small, especially in contrast to this being the fifth largest city in the world.  Upon meeting a new bule we usually find a mutual acquaintance within ten minutes. A friend of a friend who is the other person's friend. I met some of BoT's teammates last week.  One of the guys and his girlfriend work at an EF (BSD) that is owned by the same owner who owns the one I worked for (Pluit).  There is a girl who works there, Emma, who I met on my first Singapore trip when we'd both just arrived.  Another example, is George*.  I work with George.  He's a Scotsman, teaches grade 2. BoT kept talking about Smith, a Scotsman on his footie team.  Guess what?  George is Smith.  Same guy, just first and last names. Like I said,  making those connections doesn't take long.
I swear we are all connected in a way that would best be illustrated like this.
This bule world often borders on incestuous as we all seem to know everything and talk about everything happening to everyone. Don't get me started on EF, that world is ten times smaller and more inter-involved. Add in blackberries with their bbm feature and you've now guaranteed that news travels faster than anything else.  It would put Mercury to shame.  If good news travels fast, then bad news moves at near lightning speeds.  I wonder why bad news is the faster of the two.  Do we want to commiserate?  Offer help? Enjoy a bit of schadenfreude?
My fingers have been flying on the little bb keyboard as news abounds this week. Fired friend has been involved in dramas.  There were repercussions from last weekends footie bbq.  I'm staying in touch with folks who are already in far-flung parts of the world. I'm trying to make plans to see others before they go.  Perhaps my bb is running in starts and stops out of exhaustion.

*Names changed to protect the less than innocent.

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