Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Recap - and an EP free one

Hello Monday!  You've crept up on me once again.  I always know you're coming and yet feel shocked (in the least positive sense of the word) when you show up a-knockin'. Why do you continue to torment me so?  Can't we reach an agreement about this?  I'd be much happier to see you if you rolled up at, say, two o'clock. I'll even greet you warmly at twelve. This six am stuff is a bit ridiculous though, don't you think?
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It wasn't even the biggest, epic-est of weekends so I can't blame a hangover for my lack of enthusiasm.  Friday brought a nice surprise with it.  BoT woke up with a migraine (not the nice surprise) but it meant he was sent home early and made it to my place by about eight (he usually works until ten). We had a chat with Carla and fired friend, then a excellently prepared (by me) dinner of salmon and veg.  Half a movie to round out the night and then off to dreamland.

Saturday isn't always a welcome sight, but a far better one that you Monday.  Even with a hangover!!  BoT was, quite literally, bouncing around the apartment.  He'd forgotten what a Saturday can feel like if the Friday night that preceded it included only a couple beers and a full dinner. Add in seven plus hours of sleep and he had the energy and enthusiasm of a Jack Russell with a coffee problem. The smile on his face meant I couldn't look at him without grinning too. I made a big breakfast, just to give Saturday a running start, and we had a nice relaxed start to the day.  The afternoon brought with it a long taxi ride to a football (soccer in American) game where BoT's team won I think. The game also included two of my colleagues, fired friend and a host of other misfits hailing from about the globe. Afternoon gave way to the dusk of evening and a house party/BBQ.  The taxi ride there was no less than two hours and we were all in agony when we got there. Graciously, we ushered Saturday into the annals of history with Sam Adams beer (YES!! In Indonesia!!), steak and vodka. I was the only girl in the pool and that was not of my own accord.  I am grateful that fired friend let me save my phone by tossing it aside, but not so grateful that I got the shivers while waiting for a taxi home.  The end of the night brought about a strange trip home that ended with BoT making a chivalrous and a "more warmly received than he realizes" gesture.  He had to explain it but he's right, he walks on the outside and that's all he needed to say.


Sunday snuck in like a mouse, which is fine by me.  It didn't storm in like you Monday.  Sleeping until twelve meant I wasn't obliged greet the day at six am.  Even waking at eight for a half hour was acceptable.  A call from fired friend roused us and we headed to the pool for several hours of lounging. Episodes of Blue Bloods and a batch of meatballs with pasta wrapped the day in a little bow.

It was a (nearly) drama-free, EP-free, hangover-free weekend.  It was not a bruise-free, family in bed-free, hilarity-free weekend, which is as I prefer. My only real requests in retrospect about last weekend are that it lasted longer so I could both continue lounging and get some errands done and that someone's phone wasn't lost/stolen, though I was happy to have her around all weekend as a result. Yes, you hon. ;)  I will aim to appreciate you, to look forward to a Monday.  Hmmm, how about the eleventh of July? I will enjoy that Monday as it is the first one of summer vacation.  Until then, they'll most likely continue to feel like this:

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  1. Totally agree, it should be against the law to wake up before noon on a Monday! Sadly that will make Tuesday the new Monday :/

    I'm glad that at the momnet I don't start work till 11.30 am and by 17.00 or 17.30 at the latest I'm out of my office! (out at 15.00 on Fr!!!)

    I want to know more about Bot!!!!!