Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend Recap - May terminates

After the rollercoaster of last weekend, I am very pleased to report this weekend went much simpler and smoother.  Friday night was drinks with the girls at Loewys.  Only one hitch there which I didn't discover until Saturday.  I'd started at the bar and gave them my bank card to open a tab.  When all the girls came in we moved to a table for eats.  At the table we all threw in cash, as usual, to pay the split bill.  I completely forgot my card and went into a minor panic on Saturday.  First I thought I left it in an ATM I'd also visited Friday night.  Luckily they are holding it for me until this evening.  Whew. You were wrong Ian, they didn't buy the bar rounds on me all night. Thank goodness!!

We had a couple drinks there and then BoT sent word that he was finished at work.  It had been (a bit of) a hellish week for him.  Overtime everyday, ridiculous new procedures.  When he works 1p-10p as it is, overtime is really a killer.  The boss thanked them by letting them out an hour early on Friday.  He and the boys came down for a couple drinks.  After one at Poste, we all went our separate ways.  Mine was home.

Saturday meant meetings for BoT and a cleaning/organizing spree for me. I haven't had one in a while and the place looked good.  The maid had just been on Friday but I'd made a bit of a mess after she left and then threw things around after I got home Friday night.  Evening time meant a nice dinner with Carla and Donna at Toscana.  I can't figure out why we don't go there more often.  It's about 10 minutes from home, reasonably priced (especially for the pasta dishes) and tastes good.  The real selling point is that the music is kept at a din so you can have a conversation.

Dinner gave way to drinks at EP.  Good Ol' EP.  It's our standard.  Our favorite band there was on.  The boys had a footie end of season drinkfest, so were already there.  Plus we were planning to watch the Wembly Championship Barcelona vs Manchester United game at 01:45am.  A good time was had by all.  No one passed out, no one went home alone (well, not all the way home alone).  Nothing stolen, no tears, no bloodshed.  Brilliant.

Sunday was a recovery day, as I feel we should be allotted every week without it cutting into the weekend.  An hour or two at the pool despite the overcast did us all some good.  I cooked a remarkably good meal considering I used what was in the fridge, and all I could find was chicken, half a carrot, some onion, not ripe tomatoes.  Add some sauce and serve over rice.  I think I surprised myself more than anyone else.  Add an inane movie and I by 9pm I was dragging.

BoT was sweet enough to agree to my place since I have to be up at 6 and he doesn't. As always, but especially as of lately, 6am came waaay too early.  The kids have pressed their luck today but the good weekend will buoy me through at least today and hopefully a bit of tomorrow.

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