Sunday, May 08, 2011

Singapore Sequel

Not being one to pass up an alliteration (and complete the Singapore triumvirate), we continued on to part three.

After exiting the emergency room I decided I could be miserable in my armpit of a hostel room OOOORRRR I could go meet Alysson for "lunch".  It was lunch in theory but I sure as hell didn't have an appetite.

We met near Clarke Quay, pronounced Clarke Key though I haven't the slightest idea how quay is key.  It's a riverfront area tucked next to downtown in as a well-to-do neighborhood along the Singapore river.  On one side of the river are governmental buildings with a wide array of architectural styles:
There's a building that looks like it has a flying saucer on the top that I missed just off the left side of this picture.
That is a boat on top of that building.  It's a casino.
Opposite theses photos is a row of bars and restaurants where we sat at The Mexican, and I watched Alysson eat and drink.  Ha ha.  Had I been well, I'd have been right there with her.  As it was the view and the company were good enough to sustain me.  We met an American and a Brit who were both friendly, as well as two older women who commiserated about the awful Dylan performance. 

Farther down the water front is an area that's basically just for eats.  We went to a tapas bar called Octapas with a great mertopus/ meropus /octomaid ? It's not a mermaid because she's got tentacles instead of a fish tail). We walked about just enjoying the night air.  It was fantastic even when I was in pain.
pretty colorful shop fronts.
Wednesday I was waiting to catch an evening flight.  I thought I'd have a walk around Chijmes (an orphanage/nunnery turned into a restaurant haven) but was thwarted by thunderstorms. I did get a bottle of Bundaberg rum and a bag of mini Reese's peanut butter cups on my way out of the country, which I was told by the doctor the next day that I couldn't eat.   I don't think I'll go back to Singapore, unless it's a visa run.  A day there still has it's pluses (ahem, cough, duty-free, cough), but I think I've seen most of what there is to see.

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