Thursday, May 19, 2011


I have a couple of, what I think are, good post ideas brewing.  I often write about the day to day stuff that makes up life.  Other times I find things that relate to daily life but have struck a different chord in some way; maybe a bigger theme or concept. Then there are days like today where I can't manage to get four brain cells lined up in a row to accomplish any of that.  I know that any real attempt at blogging, or accomplishing anything, would be nearing disastrous and would definitely involve far more energy and enthusiasm than I can muster.

I'm not sure a week with a holiday in it has any right to feel this long. Strangely I'm not the only one feeling this way.  I was talking to two other teachers at the end of the day who are in the same boat.  The kids were pushing today and we're exhausted.

It's days like this, when you're tired, and not thinking really clearly and not your usual patient, understanding self that there's not a problem; there are many.  I survived the school day only to have issues with someone else.  I am trying to chalk it up to the fact that A) we are both tired and busy, B) we were using blackberry messenger and anytime electronic communication is the means, the meaning can be easily lost and C) we're both a bit hyper sensitive right now after the last two weeks of. . . .controversy.

My solution for this today was two beers and now I'm headed for a nap.  At JIKS we also get one early leave day per month to use for trips to the bank, etc.  I haven't used mine in a couple months so I'm cashing it in as a 'mental health day' and going to see some fast pitch men's softball.  I went to the tourney last year and I'll eagerly take it as a semi-suitable replacement for the great American past time*.  I'm planning to post here in the morning but that is other work obligations pending.

All that being said, I'll wrap up with a Congratulations to Erin, a Good Luck to Manda and a Get Well to Asa.

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  1. Sweet! Thank you! I hope the football helps you and anyway... tomorrow is another day!!!