Thursday, March 17, 2011

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The white diet seems to be working.  My stomach is finally settling down and I tried some pasta with tomatoes last night.  Keep your fingers crossed that the worst is behind me.  If it goes back to being really painful I think I'll finally give in and see a doctor.  There are too many parasites, amoebas, worms, etc that can easily be picked up in Indonesia to ignore it much longer.
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I saw three other white, foreigners on busway this week.  None of them were on my bus, but the were on the gangways that are required to get on a bus.  I think we stared at each other with an equal level of disbelief.  It wasn't quite as severe as the astonished stare I have when I hit the Seattle Airport and I am no longer in Asia, surrounded by Asians. A second note about busway; No one thought I was pregnant on the bus this week.  I was able to get a seat last night simple because it was after rush hour and I was going opposite the tide.
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I think I might maybe possibly be rising on the next wave.  After spending the better part of the last month or so withdrawn from friends and social life, I feel the shadows lifting and the urge to begin to muster the energy to go out.  As that sentence implies,  I'm not there yet, but looking at the distinct possibility.
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I'm wrenching myself away from the Japan coverage.  As tragic as it is, I don't think watching the minute by minute feed on is healthy for anyone after a week.  I did find this site that is the best thing going. is a site like groupon, they offer discount vouchers for restaurants and services.  Today they are offering a $5 donation to the Red Cross to help those affected in Japan.  The kicker is that they will match your five bucks with another five smackers for a total donation of ten United States greenbacks. I don't care how broke you are, if you have a computer and can read this blog, you are in a position to give five samolians.  That's less than two lattes at Starbucks!
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Instead of Japan, I shake my head in amazement that people are paying of 65,000 British Pounds for a dress worn in 2002 by Kate Middleton, that all Prince William can do is offer condolence in New Zealand and Japan.  No actual, quantifiable help.  Sure, the UK has send aid and rescue teams but wouldn't Diana have done more than say "oh, so sad, so sorry"?  I am shaking my head in worry about the newly minted no fly zone over Libya and hoping that it won't plunge the world into another decade long Middle East conflict which costs numerous lives and countless dollars. 
My final shake of the head is from a forwarded email of Walmartians.  I'll let the photo speak for itself.

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