Tuesday, March 15, 2011


It's not exactly, not even hardly wintery today, but it is dark and the rain is looming.  I feel like hibernating not just because spring never really springs here but because I'm tired.  I wanted to blog today but couldn't come up with something on my usual fantastic witty level so I'll write a quick note about my least favorite but more present topic lately, my health.
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My stomach is feeling a bit better today after going two days eating no veggies, only bananas for fruit, rice, bread, oatmeal and little probiotic yogurts. I'm dying for some fried rice though I haven't for weeks.  It's always when you can't have it that it sounds good. I've successfully fended headaches off the last two days.  I am still very tentative after the three successive days of migraines a week ago.  I'm also feeling achy lately, just the last two or three days really.  Whether all of this is related or not I don't know, but it all adds up to making me feel lousy.
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I am also feeling mentally and emotionally drained lately.  There have been a couple weekend nights out that turned sour and has put me off going out, at least to that particular club.  It seems to take more and more energy to get ready and get out only to have the night flop or worse, that I don't want to rationalize it.  If I'm going to go out, I'd rather it be a good friend or two for dinner and a cocktail. 
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Mixed signals, irritating circumstances or pending business surrounding a couple people in my life is also contributing to my recent sentiments.  There's a lot of my mind regarding things that I can't change or sort or deal with right now, not because I don't want to but because I can't yet.  They are things I can't expel from my brain and hence then sit and suck up the last drops of energy and initiative. I'm also starting to think about next year (already??) for work, where to live, etc, etc. It's making me antsy to go but I know it's not time. Well, that and the fact that I know everything could change between now and then.
I wish I could just . . .
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On the upside, I am encouraged to keep writing, even if it's short, by the number of blog views I've had lately.  Thanks for stickin' around long enough for me to get back in the groove after the holidays.

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