Thursday, March 24, 2011

School Days? School Nights!!!

My usual rule is not to go out on school nights.  I would like to go out, but when the alarm goes off at 5:30 in the AM, going out is difficult. The problem is there has been so much fun stuff that I've been invited to on Tuesdays and Thursday lately that I can't always resist.

It's not that I don't want to.  I used to go to Mo bar for Tuesday Ladies Night.  They have free drinks after eight pm.  I got fed up with it for a while as the restrictions for drinks increased, the volume of drinks decreased and the service went to hell.  Then I started to realize that I got there at eight. Most of my friends wouldn't get there until nine-thirty or ten.  I was ready to leave by ten-thirty or eleven but that inevitably turned into calls to stay and have just one more drink.  By the time I left at eleven thirty, I was lucky to be home in bed by  twelve. Where I am now the commute would be even farther.
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I like my work schedule for the most part.  I get up at five-thirty because I have to be at school at seven am and can leave at three-thirty.  I can head straight home, read/cook/watch tv/unwind, and be in bed at ten or eleven. The catch is that many of my friends (nearly all my friends) start later and end later.  That means if we meet for dinner during the week it's at nine, not six which would be more convenient for me. We eat, chat, have a beer or two and I wander home to bed after twelve.  Good food and good company are often worth the lack of sleep, but lately it's slipped farther into the red.
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I've gotten over my stomach issues (mostly) only to be whacked with a head cold.  Combine that with short sleep Monday, Wednesday and yesterday and I might spend all previously unalloted time sleeping this weekend.  I do not regret quiz night last night, or the Team America viewing on Sunday, or dinner last Thursday,  but I did have a moment when my alarm went off today that I thought I couldn't possibly drag myself from my pillow and blankie. We'll see if I pay the price after a work dinner tonight and a concert tomorrow.  Saturday morning is definitely quality pillow time!
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