Thursday, September 12, 2013

Grown Up

I think today I feel like a grown up.  Not just for today, but like I actually made it. I have manage to drag, crawl, scrape and grumble my way into adulthood. It hasn't been easy, but it's rewarding to be here all the same.

Now today isn't my birthday.  I didn't get a new job, or a promotion or buy a house today.  All in all, it's a fairly unspectacular Thursday in the Great NorthLeft. It's slightly foggy with a high of 85 predicted this afternoon.  I'm working from home for now.  The dog is crashed out behind my desk chair. Nothing inherently noteworthy. Except in my head.

It's been noted that I'm far more introspective on this blog that in person, to which I acquiesce to. As I've mentioned previously, I do use this blog as an external meditation area and brain download facility.

I noted recently that I've been back in (near) Seattle for about eighteen months.  Somehow in that time I changed.  I have a career.  It's like a job, but with ongoing potential, fulfillment and growth opportunities that uses multiple skills and talents I have, plus requires that I continue to learn. It also pays a lot better than a job. It's soul sucking on a less often basis and much more self directed.

I have been paying all my bills plus cutting into my debt like a Canadian Lumberjack into a huge pine.  I remember the times, not so long ago, when I was first overseas and could barely manage my month to month living expenses, let alone work on any debt from before.  I was lucky it I didn't have to incur any new debt most months.  If it weren't for mom's understanding generosity, I think I'd have had to move back within months. I used to be ashamed to admit that there were times I needed help paying my bills.  Now I realise that most folks go through that time.  Aside from my car loan, I've reduced my other debts (school loan, credit cards, misc loan) by over half since my return to the US.  That's more impressive if you consider the amount of stuff there is to buy, do, see, in all senses pay for. I don't feel that I've deprived myself at all though.  25 and I have done heaps this year; baseball, football and soccer games, beerfests, music fests, camping, vacationing, etc.

Additionally, on the financial front, I started a Traditional and a Roth IRA (individual retirement account).  I found and rolled old 401Ks (similar accounts sponsored by previous employers) into one account, and have begun funding another account on my own, as my current company doesn't contribute to one on my behalf. I'm committed to making sure I have some options if I make it to retirement.

I'm in a relationship that feels like a relationship is supposed to (I think).  25 has the poise, intelligence and planning of someone old than those years.  He has been a true partner thus far. He helps around the house without my needing to nag him. He would rather talk about issues as they arise and avoid drama.  He is accepting and understanding of my shortcomings and encourages my desire to work on aspects of my personality and my life. He accommodates my need for planning and also spur the moment plans.  He makes me feel happy and at ease. From chaotic Seahawks games to backpack trips, he is never expects more than I can give and always seems to give what I need.

I have a new, very luxurious, grown up car.  I live in a house and pay the mortgage.  It's not my house, it's mom's, but she doesn't live here.  I take care of the day to day tending of the house, the maintenance, the garden we planted.

I have two charges that I care for.  Not children, but sometimes it feels like they are.  Doctors visits, cleaning up after then, etc. If you count 25, it's really three ;)

I read the Sunday paper, I drink coffee every morning, I take my clothes to the dry cleaner on occasion.  I think adulthood is official, and it feels allllriiiiiight.

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  1. My life as a mother is now a complete success.