Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Purchase

Not the biggest purchase of my life, it was under $200.
Not the most important purchase ever.
A meaningful purchase, no doubt.

25 and I have finally used them so now I can talk about it.

A couple months ago we made our first joint, couple purchase.  Now we'd gone to Arizona and dividy up those expenses.  I got the rental car, he got hotels, etc. This was a coordinated purchase.

We bought . . .

sleeping bags.

Lafuma lightweight 35, 600 down fill mummy sleeping bags that squish down in compression sacks to about 1lb 14oz and the size of a Nalgene bottle. They have been very toasty so far and easy to compress.  I'd highly recommend them. 

We coordinated the purchase because we wanted to get bags that had the option to zip together.  There are double bags, that is one big, two person bag.  Then the problem is who carries it? What if I want to go camping without him? I don't want to pack the weight of both.  This way, we don't have to zip together, and we didn't last weekend, but we can.

Some of you might be thinking "sleeping bags? that's a big purchase?" Yep, sure is.  These bags were roughly $170 a piece.  A chunk of change no matter how you look at it.  We knew we'd want to camp and backpack several times this year, and probably next.

It was an investment in our time outdoors and in the relationship.  We bought bags that wouuld allow us to go do the things we wanted to together, but it the relationship went belly up, we could walk away, taking our respective sleeping bags with us.

The bags are in the garage, living with our combined camping gear. It's all mixed up together, just the way joint possessions should be. Communal property. When we buy new gear, he buys some, I buy others and they all go in to the same box.  I know part of the reason I was able to select the Optima is because I knew we'd have his Subaru to use for hiking and camping. 

It seems a merging has begun.

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