Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Thirteen months and Three Days ago

Thirteen months and three days ago, I flew home.

I left Jakarta.  Its been an interesting year.  I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I can't complain (not that it does any good anyway). In the last year I:

  • made a few great friends and some good ones too,
  • completed two mud run, obstacle courses,
  • went snowshoeing, hiking, kayaking,
  • took over the house after mom moved,
  • visited California, Oregon, Montana and Eastern Washington,
  • worked the majority of the year in a new field where I learned and excelled,
  • went to two music festivals and several other shows
  • dated and more specifically, I started dating one particular person, 
  • started on the path to being a healthier, happier me physically, mentally and emotionally. 
My transition back to the ol' US of A was fairly smooth.  As with most of the big changes in my life, it was in a lot of ways made possible by my mom. She was the one who suggested I get in to Epic training, she housed me when I got home, she supported me as I learned the pros and cons of contracting work. I made myself get out and make connections, make new friends and have new experiences.

There are a few things that I miss about Jakarta.  Mostly the people. It's very hard to stay in touch with people half the world and fifteen hours time difference away. I occasionally miss having a maid but I've managed to get back in the routine of doing my dishes and vacuuming without any tears. I rarely tire of driving instead of taxiing around.  I do hate the cost of the car (insurance, gas, maintenance), but other than after nights of drinking, don't miss taxis much.  I definitely don't miss the lack of outdoor opportunities.  About once a month I get a real hankering for warung friend rice or satay. Other than missing my friends, I miss how far money goes there including traveling for weeks at a time to amazing places.

As you can tell if you've read many of my blog posts, I'm a list maker.  I constantly have to do lists, shopping lists, follow up on lists, etc. I didn't exactly make New Years resolutions but I've got a few lists.

I want to complete:
  • 2 or more scuba trips
  • 2 or more camp trips 
  • 3 or more live music shows
  • 3 or more trips to other states (first one at the end of this month!!)
  • 4 or more mud runs
  • 5 or more kayak outtings
  • 8 or more hikes

We (the guy I'm dating and I) also have a to do list.  I'm really excited about it to be honest. It includes things that are touristy Seattle things, some more generic/routine things, some specific to us things. Not only have I met someone who indulges my list making, but also wanting to make a list with me. It's maybe the best list yet.

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