Friday, March 30, 2012

Guinea pig

I've found some interesting ways to fill my days before joining the employed masses again. I've written about hiking and paperwork.  I joined a study being conducted by the University of Washington.  I can't discuss the specifics but the general premise is to study women and alcohol, specifically relationships between women and men when alcohol is involved. For the rest of this longitudinal study all I do is fill out surveys online about what I do when I drink, and for my troubles I get amazon gift cards.  How easy is that!?!

Yesterday I participated in a lab session.  I was in the control group so no booze for me.  Instead I drank a whopping 20 oz of oj in nine minutes.  I will never EVER do that again.  Especially on an empty stomach.  I can't say I've ever really experienced a sugar rush . . .until yesterday. Man did I feel awful by about 1pm. My stomach was like the Gulf of Mexico during a hurricane; sloshing back and forth.  I crashed after I got home for a nap at 2.  There have got to be easier ways to make $34. 

Oh how I'm looking forward to going back to work, mostly because I am broke as a five dollar saddle under John Wayne.

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