Thursday, September 22, 2011

To Whinge

I use that word now.  It is interchangeable with complain.  Very British/Australian. I thought I knew what I was going to blog about today, but a thirty second exchange changed my mind.

I had to cover the extracurricular ping pong class today.  I'm meant to assist with badminton class but one teacher was out sick today so we had to shuffle around a bit.  I wasn't thrilled.  The class was five boys from grade five and six, playing ping pong.  Aside from hitting the ball back and forth I didn't know what the rules were.  How was I going to keep them busy for an hour and a half?

I arrived and explained why I was the teacher today.  They all nodded along and introduced themselves and the new student.  I introduced myself and a  sixth grader very unconsciously and plainly said "Miss, you're very pretty".  My smile was reflexive.  I got to know him a bit while I officiated and practiced with them.  He seems like a really genuine kid.  His English is good and he's a great ping pong player who took compliments with a blush.
We all still want a pat on the head and acknowledgement.
 It made my day. I was dragging around a bit after two nights of short sleep beforehand.  Instead I perked up and actually really enjoyed the class. It made me think about whinging.  Facebook has just changed their newsfeed/home screen again. The political situation in the US is ridiculous.  The economy hasn't improved. I'm still single.  BUT someone complimented me.  That's what I'm going to remember today. It's not often I have good news from school either.

A friend posted something on facebook a couple days ago about all it took was one unkind comment/email/phone call to ruin a day.  I'll repeat what I told her.  It's amazing how easy it is to be stung, and remember it after.  We have all dwelled on an insult or a sideways comment about our __________ (insert your insecurity here: weight, height, intelligence, skill, family, etc). Yet just as readily we dismiss compliments because they come from a) someone who didn't really mean it, b) family or friends who have to say those kinds of things or c) someone who obvious was blind or retarded. Why not shake off the insult easily and hang on to the compliment?

One of my very unofficial New Year's resolutions was to say more kind things.  I often notice and think to myself how nice a friend looks, or how helpful a student is.  I'm going to redouble my efforts to say those things aloud.  What good is it if I think a compliment but the other person doesn't get the benefit of hearing?

I challenge you all to compliment one person a day for a week.  It can be friends, colleagues, family, acquaintances or strangers. Watch them smile and feel it lift your mood as much as theirs.
I'm adding a PS since another compliment just came through on my blackberry. It too made me smile and will take me through tomorrow. You know who you are babe.  Thanks. 

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