Wednesday, September 28, 2011


If I had gotten this post written an hour ago it would have been glowing and light.  I've gotten little bits of good news the last two days. The first is that a friend is coming to Indonesia from Madrid.  Many of my European friends n Jakarta have had European friends come to visit.  The Americans rarely make it out of the States anyway, let alone to a third world country with a significant flight between.  I won't expound on my theories of Americans and travel in this post. He's going to bring some jamon I hope. And I'll get to see a friendly face from days of old.  I've even got some holiday time when he's here so we can go check out Sumatra together.
I'm excited to see him too.
The second bit of good news is that my evening business class canceled tonight.  I don't mind the class generally but it was going to keep me from a big party.  I didn't feel justified in canceling on them but since they bailed, I'll take advantage.  I wish they'd give me more than seven hours notice (well, six if you count when I leave, but anyway. . .). They wanted to bump to Thursday.  Usually I can be flexible for them since they are my only business class.  While I was trying to arrange my schedule, my point person there announced we were having class tomorrow instead of today.  I made it work but I think it's what started to flip my mood today.

The frustration is in many things.  I am try to schedule other things as my life continues spinning.  My weeks fill up in a heartbeat. Last week Thursday was my only free day and I used it to sleep.  It is my choice.  I have chosen the professional and social obligations that I keep. I could, theoretically, sit around at home every day but then I'd go stir crazy.  It does mean that finding time for everything can be complicated. An average week looks something like this:

Monday: work 7am-3:30pm plus commute on either end, then dinner with friends.

Tuesday: work 7am-3:30pm, directly after work I take a bus from home to central Jakarta for a Learning English Radio show from 5-6pm.  Grocery shopping on the way home or home to cook and then bed.

Wednesday: work 7am-3:30pm, home for a change and possibly an hour nap before leaving at 6pm to get to a business class at 7pm.  Teach until 9pm, then home by 10 normally.
I've become a busway regular for my Tuesday and Wednesday extracurriculars.
 Thursday: work 7am-2:30pm.  This is the day I try to keep free for catching up on sleep, cleaning up, etc. It's also a 'rest before the weekend' day.

Friday: work 7am-3:30pm then home to change, meet someone for dinner, then out for drinks and dancing that can last into the wee hours of Saturday. It doesn't seem to matter how late I go to bed on Saturday morning, I can't generally sleep past about 9am.  Lately Saturday afternoons I'm off to the pub with friends to catch a Rugby World Cup game (more on that tomorrow!!). Then home to change and out with the girls again. 
All Blacks Haka
Sunday is meant to be a day of rest.  Last weekend I invited people over for a pool day.  It was a fantastic one too.  Pizza, beers, teaching Kris water polo, and lounging (not me personally) for about eight hours. Sundays might also include brunches, rugby games, lunch and/or dinner out.
I wish I'd had floaties, but at least I felt the same.
Of course, then it starts again. We (my community here) are going through a spurt of going aways and birthdays lately which adds to the event list.

Life could be worse.  This is all minor stuff so, instead of whining and complaining about the triffles that have ruffled my feathers today, about the rescheduling, the technical difficulties at school, my lazier than #*&% teaching partner, I'm going to take a breath and make a simple choice - gym, salon or nap after school? I'm so zen.

Here's a laugh for the day to boot.  More Korean messages run through babelfish translator.  I think it still needs some work:

  • When being time, try to read… Stands appear to becoming the help in glow Indonesia gain and loss of Prof. Yun Korean foreign language university ocean monk.
  • September 28 (Wed) there is colleague encouragement of learning of one sciences and DARREN teachers. Sciences and teachers and teachers where is time is a many visitation entrusting drip [ni] [ni]. To teacher bind vice-blind circle fisherman liaison entrusting gives. Temporarily: September 28th Wednesday 4 instruction place: 7 grade 1 halves.
and lastly

  • Friday is a temporary schedule. The leggings schedule the charge schedule spring to confirm, to inform. Grateful ~

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