Thursday, November 18, 2010

MONEY matters, money MATTERS

Being an English teacher I appreciate that this tiny two word phrase can have two different meanings.  If I say MONEY matters it would be in reference to banking, the flow of money in and out of accounts, financial transactions and the like.  If I say money MATTERS I am referring to the important of money in my life or society.
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After three months at a job that pays cashews instead of peanuts (haha), I've actually got a little left in the bank at the end of the month. In an attempt to follow my spending habits, I've noticed that I can go the better part of a week and only spend about 100,000 Rp (daily transportation not included). Then once a week, like yesterday, I'll drop about 1,000,000Rp in one afternoon.  160,000Rp on groceries, 62,000Rp on dinner, 120,000 on an ipod cable and phone skin, 118,000Rp for a cremebath and pedicure with tip and 10,000Rp to get home. 967,000Rp or about $110. It was a mental health day. I needed a way to relax after a busy day with lots on my mind.
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It's difficult to feel like a self sufficient adult when you're barely making enough to pay the bills.  Granted, by traveling and moving to different countries I've spent what could have been (or should have been) savings. Each new location requires start up capital as it were. Rent, housing necessities and of course the flight to get there.  Even when work is obtained it's a month at least until the first paycheck comes in.  SIGH  I vacillate between believing that money is temporary, it's made to be used. Life is about buying the necessities and having experiences.  Then there is the 'grown up' part of my brain that says "OYE! What if something happens? You've got barely any savings, you're still paying bills in the States, and hello?!?! Retirement?".

I'll be home in about five weeks and will buy a lotto ticket while I'm there (just one or two $1 ones) just in case. Until I make a million (and teachers never do) I'm willing to take any extra cash that's just lying around.  If it's dirty, old, smelly and you would like someone to take it off your hands, I'll take one for the team.  Same goes for Euros, bank bonds, Rupiah, stock certs, and the like. I'm not picky, just trying to help you out.

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