Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Idul Adha

I mentioned several blogs ago how it seemed I can't turn around without bumping into another holiday. I stayed indoors (for other reasons) and avoided all the bloodshed.  Idul Adha is the Day of Sacrifice for Muslims. Idul Adha coupled with Idul Fitri are the two most important Muslim holidays in the year.  Families purchase goats, sheep or cows and turn them over to the mosques and their staff to be sacrificed while their names are read aloud. Then the meat is donated to charity, which is the meaning of this day. It seems to me that it's a particularly gruesome way to encourage folks to donate food to the needy but far be it from me to shun any attempt to help others.  This event also turned Jakarta into one bit cow pasture.  The city took on a very distinct smell as make shift pens went up all over.  Worshipers could chose their own goat/sheep/cow depending on their price and preference.  I was told that goats were 1.2 million Rp. (approx $135) while cows could cost as much as 9 million Rp. (approx $1,011).

This is a goat pre-slaughter on a funny little platform on the back of a motorbike.

 I'll post a few more photos, mostly taken from the back of the ojek. 

As a side note about holidays, here is the official Indonesian government list for next year.  Muslim holidays are in blue, Hindu holidays in yellow, Christian holidays in purple, Buddhist holidays in gray and Indonesian government in red. The one that's left out is Chinese New year.  I wasn't sure where to put that, maybe Buddhist but not necessarily.  I also get additional holidays at my school that include Korean Independence day and Chuseuk (Korean Thanksgiving day) among a few others. You want multicultural?  We got yer multicultural right here!

Official Holiday Schedule for 2011

1 January Saturday New Year
3 February Thursday Chinese New Year (Imlek) 2562
15 February Tuesday Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad
5 March Saturday Day of Silence – Hindu New Year 1933
22 April Friday Good Friday
24 April Sunday Easter Sunday
17 May Tuesday Waisak 2555
2 June Thursday The Ascension of Jesus Christ into Heaven
29 June Wednesday Isra Mi'raj Prophet Mohammad SAW, Celebrating the Ascension of The Prophet Muhammad
17 August Wednesday Indonesian National Independence Day
29 August Monday Shared Holiday by Gvt decree-part of Idul Fitri
30-31 August Tuesday-Wednesday Idul Fitri 1432 H
1-2 September Thursday-Friday Shared Holiday by Gvt decree-part of Idul Fitri
6 November Sunday Idul Adha 1432 H
27 November Sunday Islamic New Year 1433 H
25 December Sunday Christmas Day
26 December Monday Shared Holiday by Gvt decree-part of Christmas for more information on any of these holidays.


  1. OK, England is Christian, and I've never actually had a job in England (other than part-time ones), but I'm pretty sure we don't get Ascension Day as a holiday. So, I'm just curious why the country with the biggest Muslim population in the world gets a day off for it and I don't/didn't/couldn't/haven't/am not able to.

  2. You should have in Barcelona. Madrid definitely has El Día de Acensión. Other than New Year and Christmas I don't think we have any of those in the US. We even get TWO Ascensions! The Indonesians are all about the holidays here I guess (or trying not to piss anyone off). Of course in most countries a holiday would be a great excuse to go out drinking and carousing. You have to work really hard to find a place to do that here. Nearly everything, even bars in 5 star hotels, were closed here on Tuesday night.

  3. I am learning about new holidays here in Belize... today is Garifuna Settlement Day!!