Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mediocre is the new Fantastic apparently

I've done a great job at work.  You heard me.  Not good, GREAT!  I know it.  I've been killing it.  I work hard, I do my part and then some.  I've learned the material, I present like I pro.  This is in the one thing in my life I am a blatant braggard about.

And I've shot myself in the foot by doing so well.

I've done so well that I have more teaching hours than anyone else in June. . . by 30-40 hours.  That's obviously no small margin.  Work is refusing to pay any over time yet they really think that every class will go smoothly enough that I can have four ten-hour days (that's 8 scheduled contact teaching hours with prep and tears down) and never go over forty hours.  HA I say.  HAHAHAHAHA (wipes tears from eres)

The teachers out there will know what I mean.  How often do things go better than planned?  How rare is the class where everyone is on time, they understand every concept, they don't have any questions, no one needs extra time for their test at the end or want to follow up after?  I think I'd be luck to have one such class in all my 29 classes in June.

I have a coworker who probably makes double what I do, shows up late, does the bare minimum to get by.  How is she rewarded?  She's off every Friday in June and works about 40 hours less than I do teaching. All of this is from the June schedule that we just finally got today, May 31.  What days do I have off for balance so I don't go over 40 hours you ask?  I have three days the entire month - a Wednesday, a Tuesday and a Monday.

I realize today's blog was a massive rant.  I needed it.  I won't even apologize for it.

If anyone out there knows how to reprogram the part of my brain that tells me I have to do a good job, not show up late, be honest about the hours I'm billing for so that I can be a lazy slacker who gets three day weekends every week, please, for the love of Pete, let me know.  Apparently, mediocrity is more than it's rumoured to be.

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