Monday, May 28, 2012

Lake 22, Granite Falls

It's the end of the day, Memorial Day.  Foremost I'd like to thank a few people: My Uncle Rick, a lifetime Navy man. My Grandpa Joe who served in the Army in WWII. My friends Mateo, Zeb, Chris, Lindsey, Ed and others who served or continue to serve our country.  I'm thankful for what you do not in small part because it's something I can't/won't do, and in large part because it is so important to the fabric of who we are as America.

I spend today hiking.  It was a great way to end a weekend spent mostly in solitude and grinding away at tasks. The weather wasn't nearly as nice today as the last two, but it wasn't too bad either, except at the top of the mountain where is was raining and cold. My drive to a Park and Ride to meet the gang was about 40 minutes.  From there we went on another hour to a small town called Granite falls.  We carried on the Snoqualmie/Mt. Baker National Forest and hiked up to Lake 22.  If there's a Lake 21 or 23 I know not but we found Lake 22.  It's a crater in the top of the mountain.  2.4 miles up we found snow and the lake was still mostly frozen over.  It was about 5.5 miles total. The pictures will do it more justice than I can with words.

First Views Up

So green it almost made my eyes hurt

Christopher and Asa, thinking of you!

Not quite swimming weather

Cold but very pretty.  You can't see that is was raining and I had to put on about four articles of clothing!

The gang went for post-funk food and drink, then I made my way home via the park and ride.  This is the first Memorial Day I've been in the States for in about five years.  My thanks to all our veterans was a thought that was with me all day.

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