Monday, December 06, 2010


Living with people from other places is always interesting and often informational.  Late last week something came on TV and Carla asked me about Spring Break, the American excuse to go to Mexico or Florida, drink way, way too much and act like an idiot.  At least that's what I assume happens. I don't know as I've never been on a "typical" spring break. I don't provide the best example of a "typical" American or a "typical" adolescence; maybe not even a typical American.  I've been told several times in the last month or two that I may not be American.  I nearly got my "American card" revoked during the World Cup series as I cheered for Spain. An Aussie, after hearing me spout my socialist beliefs acquired in Europe, was only half joking when he asked, "Are you sure you're American?"  I usually take it as a compliment.  Two weekends ago Carla and I met a German at our favorite bar.  He announced decisively that I was surely the Kiwi because I looked more like one.  You can see the photo of us below and we look quite similar so I'm not sure what he was eluding to. We had a laugh and another beer.
New roomies at home.  I'm on the left.

We've been comparing notes.  I tried Marmite last night.  It tastes like soy sauce mixed with a packet of powdered gravy and then congealed until its the consistency of fudge sundae topping. I'd eat it instead of a salt lick, but in general would pass.  I''m a big fan of the onion dip, though we make one in the States that's nearly the same. She has got me on these silly rice crackers though. Last week I made grilled cheese sandwiches; ruddy bread with butter on the outside, pan grilled with Australian cheddar inside. She claimed they were good, to which I beamed. We're both bringing foods back from our respective countries after the holidays.  I'm looking for some super American stuff to wow her with.

Carla's also learning to speak American. We've been talking about what different words we use for the same things.  That is trickier since she's lived in the UK for a couple years and I was in Spain so we both speak a muddled English.  I'll start keeping a list so I can report back.

I keep forgetting that she's going home to the middle of summer.  Carla keeps reminding me that there's a hole in the ozone above New Zealand so she'll get really tan while she's home. I'm not as tan as I'd like to be now but more so than most Seattleites. When I come back from four weeks away I'm sure I'll be even paler. I can't imagine it being warm at Christmas.  Lord knows Spain wasn't.  I think it still doesn't really feel like Christmas because it's so balmy, as it is year round here.

I was a bit tentative to move in with someone again, even for a short while.  That being said, all my fears went quickly out the window and we've had a smashing time so far. Fingers crossed that we carry on just as well until I get my own place in February.  I am looking forward to my own place but with Carla as my neighbor, same building, different floors.

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