Saturday, December 04, 2010

How a trip home can take 4 buses

Here's what my Friday trip home looked like:

13:28 walked to the security office to ask about angkots
13:29 head out walking to find the intersection with the traffic light.  20 minute walk, I could have taken angkot 2 for 2,000rp and probably will next time. On the walk no less than 15 angkots went by and about 3/4 of them honked or slowed down.
13:50 pick up angkot 40 to go to the KP bus station for 2,000Rp.
13:55 arrived at the bus station.  Asked the security guard for angkot 15, got angkot 19 which was supposed to go to angkot 15.
14:00 three minute wait in the angkot until we took off which is relatively short.  You can end up sitting and waiting for ages. took angkot 19 to pasar rebo. five minute ride for 2,000Rp.
14:05 got into angkot 15, waited five minutes to take off. Fifteen minute ride with a basket of fruit in the back, but I got the prime seat in the front. 4,000Rp.
14:25 the driver of angkot 15 told me to get angkot 16.  I walked over and stopped a #16.  They told me I needed metromini bus 75 so I had to walk over and find that.
14:35 caught metromini 75 with promises of my street for 2,000Rp.
14:45 got off the bus on my street.  Walked over the pedestrian bridge and home in three minutes.

I made it home for 10,000Rp in about an hour and twenty minutes. By knowing where to catch which buses and angkots I think I can drop it down to about a 45 minute commute for 12,000Rp.

Monday's ride to school will be angkot 15A most of the way to work. Home should be the teachers bus plus one angkot or bus; a whopping 2,000Rp.  I'm just happy to have made it  all the way home in one piece.  Is all this a scam to keep bules (foreigners) in the expensive taxis?


  1. All these stats confuse me. How much is 2,000 in dollars or euros?

  2. right now the Rupiah is at about 9,000Rp to the USD or 14,180 for GBP. It's been quite volatile lately but that would make 2,000Rp about 0.22USD or 0.14 GBP

  3. hahaha.... Welcome to the complicated transportation city.
    Well it's happened to me too. That's way i took motorcycle.

  4. Thank you for sharing your experience. I second Sulis, I prefer motorcycle, but only when my brother is available to take me, taking taxi everywhere is just too expensive..

    Love, Dina @