Sunday, September 05, 2010

The start up

At the behest of friends worldwide, I'm giving in and starting a blog.  Life has been too surreal lately not to. I know I'll have to backtrack and fill in information.  I'm already promising those involved in my current adventures to change names to protect the innocent when appropriate.
I considered blogging when I first arrived in Indonesia.  What better time than when everything was just getting started.  And then I came face to face with the reality of lousy internet connections, getting settled (once again) in a foreign country and not making myself carve out time to do much of anything constructive. Now I've got time to kill at work where I need to look busy.  The internet is more or less reliable and I want to write so I don't forget.
More to follow soon. Stay with me as this gets up and rolling. I'm new to the blog game and there promises to be technical issues as well. Questions and comments are always appreciated as is any advice about blogging in general.
More soon as I begin to compose.

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