Friday, September 17, 2010


This is the first Friday in MONTHS that I am home.  I am home and I refuse to go out tonight. I'm not on holiday, it's not a going away event, the band has moved on and I'm still recovering from a wicked head cold so I am staying home, alone, on a Friday night. Not only is it by choice, I'm utterly happy about it.
My life tends to run in ebbs and flows.  I'd imagine other people's do as well.  Mine was flowing. I moved into the city at the beginning of August.  By being in the center instead of the burbs to the north I have seen my social life grow exponentially.  The problem is that many people have left in the last 6 weeks.  That means lots of "last" things: last dinner, last dance, last drinks.  It's hard enough saying goodbye to people that are important to you, but after weeks of this, it took a told on me physically too.
Stack that on top of starting at a new school.  New children always mean new germs. I made it a month without getting sick, but I still got sick.  With the rate my 4-2 class was dropping 2 weeks ago, I was sure I'd get sick then.  I think it was the air travel that pushed me over the edge. 2 trips in 4 days, albeit short ones.  Then staying in a room with a fan, not AC.  Back to Jakarta meant back into the AC.  More walking, and walking outdoors and my body went down for the count.
Since I got sick I have also pinched a nerve in my neck, had my ojek 'crash' (relax, that's why I used the '. We were going slow and my driver hit the bike in front of us.  We went down, and my knee is throbbing but other than bruises and what promises to be a sore knee and elbow, I'm ok.  Thank you Asa for telling me to wear pants!) and wrestled with 2 days of migraines.
I'm at the point in the cold where most things have lost their taste because I can't smell and I'm constantly popping my ears. Sleep is the order of the weekend. Maybe next Friday I'll be ready to go out again.

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  1. Seems like being tired enough to skip social gatherings and such, plus being constantly sick, is something normal in the life of a teacher. I've been drained lately, to the pint I don't care about seeing anybody else, socialise, or even leave the house. Strong headaches/migranes are a daily thing in my life lately too.
    Take it easy, relax, and recharge your batteries for the next going away party, going away drinks and so on. Those are regulars in the life of an ENglish teacher abroad too ;)

    MWAH xx