Sunday, December 02, 2012

2 months? Holy . .

It's infinitely interesting to me how time is so elastic and infinite and undefinable.  Yes, I suppose we as a people have defined it by breaking  time as a whole into days and hours and seconds. Yet there are episodes in life when time flies. When a year is gone and you haven't even lifted your head to see it zoom by the window.  There are other periods when a day lasts eons and even staring at the clock doesn't mean you can will it to drag by a tiny bit faster.

My life these days is a fairly random mix of these two I suppose.  I both knew it had been ages since I blogged and didn't really feel the time sliding by as it went. The last two months have been a bit chaotic, though not in an entirely undesirable way. 

Between October 30th and November 24th I spent only four days at home in Seattle. The rest was in Southern California.  First, a ten day trip to visit my mom and best friend Ana.  That was a chosen, vacation -type trip. I enjoyed my time there and trucked back home with a smile on my face.  The day after I arrived home I was contacted by a company, SSI, that I have been working with.  They needed someone to rush down to  California to help at a clinic.  Funny enough, it was the exact area my mom was working and only about 15 minutes from where Ana lives. More rants about this company later.  They sent me down to work in Torrance from Nov 11-16th.  I asked to have my flight back delayed a week as was able to spend Thanksgiving with my mom, stepdad and about twenty members (no exaggeration) of his family. It was nice to see them for the holiday since I had sworn I would not fly for turkey day.  Too many crazies.  Since my flight was the 11th, it was actually ok. I'll probably do a separate post about Thanksgiving.  At least it gives you a timeline for why I haven't blogged.

I returned home on the 25th and have been cleaning, recovering, shopping and seeing friends since. I know I need to get back to blogging; for my own benefit more than anyone else's. Blog you can expect to see this month:
Awful drivers
Online dating!!
Holidays - Thanksgiving and Christmas
More dating


  1. Talitha, thank you for your encouragement. It's nice to know someone is out there reading.